January 27, 2017

Where To Get Original Art In Tubac

Posted by: Ivan Drechsler

Where To Get Original Art In Tubac

So many places in Tubac to find original art. John Marbury's studio is located at the El Presidito just 2 buildings from us, here at the Inn. He also shows his work at the Tubac Arts and Gifts. As you walk over to Tubac Road from the Inn ,you will see quality original work at the Big Horn Gallery.A favorite of mine is the Purcell gallery, also on Tubac Road, and Bruce Baughman's work is extraordinary at the Mercado Plaza. Just past the Mercado is a foot bridge delivering you to the K Newby Sculpture Garden and Gallery, a special collection of original art on display.

On Plaza Road be sure to see Art Gallery H and the talents of Karl Hoffman, both a master jeweler,painter and photographer. (Audrey, his partner and wife also does excellent jewelry) And while you are at this part of the village go see Rogaway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery. Another must see is the Cobalt Gallery located on Camino Otero, and the work of Dianne at Clay Hands next door.

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