Tubac Country Inn
13 Burruel Street, P.O.Box 4245
Tubac, AZ, 85646, USA
(520) 398-3178

  Tubac is one of those places that really grows on you.  So many people associate Tubac as a shopping destination and yes that would mean the Chamber of Commerce has done it's job.  The real roots are with the original artists who found true inspiration both from the natural scenic beauty, the diverse local population and the rich history which is present every where you look.  Tubac's visionaries date back to the late 1940's with Dale Nichol's and his development of an Art School.  He actively recruited talented artists from all over the country and Mexico to the village.  Ross Stefan, along with landscape painter Sid Cedargreen, created the Tubac Center of the Arts in 1959.  The new arts center was the setting for the first Tubac Festival of the Arts-the longest running arts festival in Arizona-53 years and counting every February.  With the likes of William C Morrow, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ralph Wingfield, Elizabeth Taylor, Ward Bond, Stephanie Powers, Natalie Wood, Diane Keaton, Will Rogers, Jr and more...they all came together to create the Tubac of today-vibrant and full of creative energy.    

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